Dura-Belt, T12A9.2583ANATURAL , Twisted O-Ring, 3/16 in. x 9 1/4 in., 83A, Clear

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Dura-Belt Quick Connect Twisted belts are also called connectable belts, twisted O-rings, quick-fix belts, zero downtime bands, and easy hook round belts. Twisted belting is designed to replace urethane endless round belts that become damaged or wear out. These connectable belts are easily and quickly installed in the field without dismantling drive shafts. The tips of quick fix belts are loops that you connect together with small stainless steel or plastic hooks that come with the belts.

  • Eliminate costly downtime
  • No need to drop shafts
  • Installs in seconds with Speedy Belt Installer(SBI)
  • Should be about 7% shorter than the o-ring belts they replace. 


Item Name: Twisted Belt
Wynparts #: DB00003
Color: Clear
Length: 9.25"
Diameter: 3/16"
Replacement For: 9.875"
Weight (lbs.): 0.30 lbs.
Unit of Measure: EA
Country of Origin: USA

How To Measure Twisted Belts

Twisted belts are adjustable- you can shorten and tighten Twisted Belts by twisting an end before hooking the belt together. One complete revolution shortens the belt by about 1/10 inch. Therefore, if you twist it 5 times before hooking the ends, the belt will be 1/2" shorter and provide greater tension.

Two strands of twisted cord contain about 89% as much urethane as one strand of the round belt that they replace, so they will only last 89% as long, at best. They usually fail when the hook pulls through the loop. Consequently, twisted belts with uncrimped metal hooks typically last about 50% to 70% as long as endless round belts. Belts with crimped metal hooks or self lubricating plastic hooks typically last longer.

Speedy Belt Installer Tool


We recommend the Speedy Belt Installer because it greatly reduces the installation time of twisted belts down to about 25 seconds. Click on the images above for the SBI (Speedy Belt Installation tool).


Dura-Belt was formed in Ohio in 1987 to sell urethane belts to distributors, installers, and OEMs. Over the years they have developed many new products, including a proprietary color process for coloring belts after being spliced along with a patented Speedy Belt Installer for quick installation or twisted belting. Dura-Belt owns two state-of-the-art plants in Hilliard, Ohio, totaling 35,000 square feet, designed especially to manufacture urethane belting and other accessory products for conveyors. Dura-Belt's products are sold worldwide and touch the life of virtually everyone, as there is a good chance that most products purchased are conveyed at one time or another with belts bade by them.